2020 Senior Golden Games Canceled
A Letter from President Kim Shealy

The Board, adhoc members and I have strived to keep you informed concerning the changes in the games and accomodations we would be making. Unfortuneatley COVID has taken its toll on many activities and facilities across Gwinnett County. Gwinnett  County Parks and Recreation senior areas are not open and not predicted to open in the foreseeable future for senior functions. Please note these closings are for our safety. I don’t know your opinions on the pandemic nor how you have been functioning, but I assure you from what I have read and the precautions that need to be taken, it is in our best interest to continue with social distancing. I currently have 3 friends hospitalized on ventilators for COVID and they are younger than me and suffering without family or friends to support them in isolation.


The games have been cancelled for 2020 and with hopes we can move forward in 2021 they will be scheduled for September/October 2021. That gives us all recovery time and fall games will be cooler for our outside games.


If you have paid registration fees, we will automatically refund the fee for golf and archery as we cannot guarantee those fees will remain the same in 2021. Registration fees will not be refunded unless you request it  Send an email to gsgginfo@googlegroups.com.  You can click on the email link or copy and paste it into an email.  Be sure to include your name and address for mailing the refund.  Otherwise, we will hold the 2020 registration fee for the 2021 games and send you the  necessary information and a new registratiom form to use for the games that will be marked PAID and the amount in June of 2021. Please be patient. Lynn, our treasurer would be overwhelmed if we returned all fees so minimizing payments would benefit the organization and Lynn!


Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated during these unprecendented times. It was a very difficult decision to cancel the games but your health and safety is more important than throwing a ball, tossing a horseshoe or shooting an arrow!


Please remember our sponsors and thank them as you can (Humana, Liberty Mutual Serve with Liberty, Resurgeons and Discovery Village Sugarloaf), as well as our inkind sponsors for use of their facilities (Delmar Gardens and Arbor Terrace-Hamilton Mill).



Kim B. Shealy


Games Results

To see the results and pictures of Golden Games (2010-2019), click the link at the top of the page.

Current Structure of Games
  • The current games have a wonderful working relationship with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation.

  • There are 36 events.

  • For the registration fee of $20 (additional $20 for out of county), each participant receives:

    • Entry into as many events as he/she wishes to participate.

    • A t-shirt, gift, and two meals (Opening and Closing ceremonies).   

    • A packet of the events that he/she are participating in.

  • Door prizes are awarded.

  • Elections are held every two years

  • All donations are collected by the volunteers.

  • The games are open to anyone 50 years to 90+ and are broken down by male and female in five-year age groups for most events. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded in each event.

2021 Senior Golden Games Rules

To see the rules used for each event, click here.

Next Golden Games Meeting

With Bethesda Senior Center being closed, we do not know when the next in person meeting will take place.  Please continue to check back here for news.  In the meanwhile, the Board continues to work.  Check the minutes for these virtual meetings.

Previous Meetings

Click the Meeting Minutes link above to read the minutes for previous meetings.

New Golden Games Officers
Georgia Golden Olympics

To see the Georgia Golden Olympics website, click here. The Georgia Golden Olympics were held in Warner Robins in 2019.  2020 information has not been announced.

National Senior Games

To see the National Senior Games website and a listing by state of other Senior Games, click here. The webiste is slowly coming back on line.  Apparently there will be no National Games in 2020.  The 2021 Games will be November 5-18 in Ft. Lauderdale FL.

At the Closing Ceremony new officers were elected.  From left to right, they are Kim Shealy (president), Glory Villavasso (secretary), Pat Harney (vice president) and Lynn Nickerson (treasurer).  


The torch bearers for 2019 were Pat and Stella Harney

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Revised  December 22, 2020